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Giving Back

At The Unifed Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc. we understand that part of being successful means giving back to those who need our help. We don’t see this as charity as much as we do the natural flow of business. We look at the leaders in corporate giving for mentorship to find new ways to take our contributions and make positive change in our communities.

The Give Back Foundation is a good example of company innovation through the participation of our staff, client companies and business partners.

We seek to understand and appreciate global issues; the disabled, hunger, poverty, economics, terrorism and the environment. More importantly we seek to understand how we can help. This growing list has become daunting to most people including myself. What we do know is that if everyone just does their own small part our planet can become a better place to live, work and simply coexist.

Besides our participations in “Give Back”, we continue to get involved in our local community through our involvement with a number of councils and advisory panels;

In addition to our other programs we submit grants on behalf of worthy organizations to assist them with their financial needs and growth. See the list of previous awardees;

Come and participate with us as we continue to try and make a difference not only our company, our community, but for the entire planet!


With Sincere Gratitude,

Michelle Winchell

Vice President &  Director of Charitable Giving




“A Deeper Understanding”

Our mission is to gain a “Deeper Understanding” of the needs, wants, and desires of our clients, their employees and the communities in which we serve. We also seek a deeper understanding of the insurance carriers, service vendors, and the products they provide for our clients. Utilizing our values of experience, intelligence, collaboration, focus, and empathy the Unified Brokers team chases this mission every day. It is one of the traits that allows us to be “uniquely qualified” and  thought of leaders in our niches.

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You are awesome! Center For A Non Violent Community
Laura Sunday, Executive Director