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Workers Compensation Services in California and Across the West Coast

Claims Services

Six months into the policy period a unit stat report is given to the clients that qualify. This is a review process in which claims services have been utilized in closing claims and the status of each claim. The unit stat report may vary depending on the needs and size of client.

In summary of the types of claims, causes and preventable. Summary data is shared with the clients Safety Committee to help direct what type of loss control services should be introduced and monitored.

Loss Control Services / Safety Committee

In coordination with the insurance carrier who provides loss control resources we connect the designated person at each client who is responsible for Loss Control with this resource while laying out a training plan for the year that is in conjunction with the Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Some additional trainings maybe sought outside of the loss control services, such as, driving training. One area that is a fine by Cal-OHSA that is overlook is the checking of the fire extinguishers. We believe because of the annual review and topic this is being checked monthly as required by Cal-OHSA.

On-going support to the clients Safety Training Committee and the initial structure, topics, and resources is reviewed and our participation is determined by the client’s needs. In person, quarterly meetings and more if needed and/or the set-up structure to monitor all activity in compliance with CAL-OHSA.

Rewards programs and annual recognition of Safety Committee members is highly recommended as it involves key staff from the client and encourages participation in Safety of the organization.

Audit Services

The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc when necessary is present for the annual worker’s compensation audit. We have found in past years the audit that is conducted by the auditors that may not specialized in the employer’s type of business or business sector and therefore do not understand some of the complexities of the Workers’ Compensation Class Codes. Our job has been and continues to be a support to clarify class codes and help our clients prepare for the audit. Every year, we have experience that Workers’ Compensation auditors make some mistakes that The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc has to advocate or step in on behalf of client.

Class Code Review

The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc reviews Workers’ Compensation Class Codes of employees for our clients and makes recommendations for any changes. In addition, we highly recommend that the Workers’ Compensation Class Codes be added job descriptions to help alleviate any second guessing and this also helps the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Audit.


The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc spends a tremendous effort in Marketing to insurance carriers for our clients Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Often, we have to educate the insurance carriers about the unique business and Workers’ Compensation Class codes of our clients.  Often, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) will get involved to correct misclassified Workers’ Compensation Class Codes.  We help our clients with this because it could be thousands of dollars.  We are the experts in this and we do not expect our clients to become Workers’ Compensation experts, it is our job to facilitate this process and correct these with our clients.

Injury Illness Prevention Program

The IIPP is one area that can be overlooked easily and Cal-OSHA fines can be vary punitive to employers.  The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc examines our clients IIPP for compliance, and if necessary will recommend to overhaul it to be in compliance with Cal-OSHA.  The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc, contracts with a specialized firm for this compliance.

Cal-OHSA Posters

The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc annually provides the Cal-OHSA posters for in English and Spanish. We provide this service so we know that the posters are in compliance and clients have the correct version.  We order and pay for these from State Cal-Chamber at no cost to our clients.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Folders

The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc provides the workers’ compensation claims folders to be used for any claims. This is a proprietary product that we developed to help our clients that have a large number of claims. We have designed this to help the organization compile the claim information and provide the technical information regarding the “jargon” of workers’ compensation in explain the codes, structure, and critical timing issues related to claims.  This is also a compliance piece related to the Department of Labor.

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