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Triage & Concierge Services in California and Across the West Coast

Triage Services

The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc has secured triage services to enhance the prevention efforts to mitigate workers’ compensation claims. We were able to have TriageNow add additional bilingual and boutique services tailored to our clients.

Who is TriageNow:

WHY we do what we do…TriageNow is a group of professionals committed to infusing technology into the telephonic nurse triage industry to better serve companies and employees who experience a workplace injury.

HOW we do what we do… TriageNow provides Registered Nurses 24/7 in our AZ based call center to provide medical guidance to injured employees at the time of incident. We provide English and Spanish speaking nurses, and offer a translation line for over 300 languages if needed. With a technology-centric approach, we are always striving to use tomorrow’s technology today to provide a best experience for the employee.

WHAT we do… TriageNow guides injured employees to the appropriate level of care for a workplace injury, and provide all documentation to help ensure all parties are notified of this incident within moments of occurrence.

OUR VISION… Is to continually improve ourselves, our company, and the solutions we provide our clients. Having built our own software platform in today’s technology, we are able to adapt and innovate to better serve our clients. We looked at the industry as a whole, and started from the point of improving things from the standard way of operating to something much better. We strive to be the industry leader in customer service and end-user experience through our relentless pursuit of new and better technology solutions.

TriageNow Mission:

  • Improve Life
  • Right a Wrong
  • Make Good, Better!

Concierge Services

The Unified Broker’s Insurance Agency, Inc, has secured these services through a team of advocates through CHSI Technologies. We have added Concierge Services to our clients based on claims, size, premium and carrier.   This service provides a follow up to the employee after the initial claim to make sure that the services were performed by the adjuster and TriageNow. In addition, these services have proven to eliminate or reduce litigation due to the High-Touch response to the employee and employer.

The services also include claims review and close-out. Typically an adjuster has between 135-160 cases and are not able to provide the monitoring level that is necessary to monitor the services that need to be delivered to the employee.

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