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How did we become Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc.?  It’s been a long journey of community service, business development and entrepreneurship.  William (Bill) Donaldson spent 17 years serving and working on behalf of children and families in the non-profit sector. He retired from the industry and branched out providing consultation services to the broader businesses community and leading a new company in Washington State that he later sold.  After this short venture, he was drawn back to consulting, primarily focusing on non-profits where is community service passion thrives and his vast business background could be of use.  He wanted a different kind of company that could help niche markets, developing an expertise to help companies and individuals thrive. 

Through the insurance venue, he worked under a couple of brokerage firms for a few years, then decided it was his time to lead a new kind of brokerage firm while maintaining his corporate citizenship that comes with the responsibility of recirculating our success through philanthropic efforts that strengthen the communities we serve.  We look to our employees, vendors and partner to join us in that effort through a variety of programs we have built and continuing to build. Through leadership, understanding, corporate stewardship and compassion...we thrive to work for you, your employees and your community through our mission of a "Deeper Understanding"

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The Unified Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc.

7750 College Town Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95826
Main office: 877-223-4437

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You are awesome! Center For A Non Violent Community
Laura Sunday, Executive Director